Apply to be on the ASA Exec Board- due April 20th

Please email us at if you would like to run for a position on the ASA Executive Board.

The positions are: President, Vice President 1, Vice President 2, Treasurer, and Secretary.

In your email, include the following information: (1) name (2) year (3) focus within anthropology (4) position you want to run for (5) 2-4 sentences about why you want to want to serve in that position.

Think about how being on the board would further your academic or professional goals (great resume builder!) and what you would like to do while on the board to improve the ASA and help other ANTH students get the most out of the club.

Please have your submissions in by April 20th.

Exec board copy

Here is more information on the duties of each position:

¤ President:

The president is responsible for the coordination of the activities of the other members of the EC. Since word of all official Student Government Association (SGA) business is delivered to the president, it is also this office’s responsibility to inform the EC of mandatory meetings and deadlines. It is the responsibility of the president to delegate duties to the other officers of the EC. The president shall preside over the ASA‘s meetings. It is also the president’s duty to attend SGA Community Meetings, or, designate one of the other officers to attend if unable to do so. The president is the primary SGAliaison, and is therefore responsible to ensure the annual recognition forms are completed and filed on time.

¤  Vice Presidents 1&2:

The VPs work together to confirm that scheduling is up to date, ensuring that all events and meetings are being publicized on social media and otherwise. The VPs have the duty to maintain the ASA’s social media sites in general (Facebook and Twitter), as well as the ASA’s website and all other communications, including the club’s email account and listserv. Furthermore, the VP’s maintain the club’s membership base using these methods of outreach. And they coordinate to manage the fundraising ventures developed by the treasurer.

¤ Secretary:

The secretary is responsible for recording and maintaining the minutes of each of the ASA‘s weekly meetings. Additionally, the secretary is responsible for the distribution of information concerning, and generated by, the ASA. The final responsibility of the secretary is the collection and maintenance of all the ASA‘s SGA-related records.

¤ Treasurer/Faculty Liaison:

As treasurer, the student’s responsibility is to maintain control over the records, and spending of theASA‘s SGA allocated funds. As part of this responsibility the secretary must prepare and submit the annual application for SGA funding, as well as coordinate communications between the ASA and the Office of Campus Programs.

As the faculty liaison, the student is responsible for maintaining the contact between the ASA and the faculty and staff of the Department of Anthropology.  The faculty liaison must gain permission and attend faculty meetings.  In the event that the faculty liaison cannot make a faculty meeting, he/she must coordinate the receipt of the information covered in the meeting either by having another ASA member attend the meeting in his/her place or by coordinating with faculty to collect the minutes from the meeting.

Thank you!


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